My Fellow Americans, Please Prove Me Wrong.

I guess the USA was an interesting experiment.

I hope at least the rest of the world can learn what happens when a so-called democratic republic is governed by the principles of savage capitalism and greed. Not to mention, the country was built on a foundation of murder of and thievery from the native inhabitants and brutal enslavement of Black Africans, followed by extreme oppression of these same fellow humans for centuries. 

I hope the rest of the world sees what happens when a country doesn't own up to its transgressions. By "country" here, I'm speaking mainly of White Americans who have generally benefited (knowingly or not)from the oppression of minorities, particularly of Black people. 

One could say that were it not for the greed, special brand of extreme selfishness, and unacknowledged, unresolved racial stain, the USA might have actually been great. It had so much potential. But these character flaws of the republic are what has led to more racial oppression, and more savage capitalism, which brings about a whole myriad of issues (pathetic education system, extremely lacking healthcare system, practically no real justice system etc.etc). 

And this is what has led the US to allow a racist fascist (trump) who is quite certainly controlled by an adversary (putin) to completely take over - and at the worst time in this century. (during a deadly pandemic) This is what has allowed so much corruption to exist and continue to exist unfettered in this "administration."

This will likely be our downfall. 

Americans have one more chance to save the republic. Sorry to say, though,  I don't have a lot of confidence in my fellow Americans to do it. 

Fellow Americans, please prove me wrong.